Cardio Workout Guide – 20-Minute, 300-Calorie Burnout Treadmill Challenge

Cardio Workout Guide
Cycling Speed Workout – Cardio Workout
November 20, 2018
Exercise Guides - Cardio
Exercise Guides – Cardio Exercises – 400 Calories Challenge
November 20, 2018
Cardio Exercise Guide

Cardio Exercise Guide

To get your best body in less time, try this 20-minute run-walk. You’ll blast fat and calories and tone your lower body.

Minutes: 0:00-3:00Miles Per Hour: 3.0Incline: 1
Minutes: 3:00-3:30MPH: 3.5Incline: 2
Minutes: 3:30-4:00MPH: 3.5Incline: 4
Minutes: 4:00-4:30MPH: 3.5Incline: 6
Minutes: 4:30-5:00MPH: 3.5Incline: 7
Minutes: 5:00-6:00MPH: 4.0Incline: 1
Minutes: 7:00-7:30MPH: 4.5Incline: 2
Minutes: 7:30-8:00MPH: 4.5Incline: 4
Minutes: 8:00-8:30MPH: 4.5Incline: 6
Minutes: 8:30-9:00MPH: 4.5Incline: 7
Minutes: 9:00-10:00MPH: 3.5Incline: 1
Minutes: 10:00-11:00MPH: 6.0Incline: 1
Minutes: 11:00-12:00MPH: 3.5Incline: 1
Minutes: 12:00-12:30MPH: 5.0Incline: 2
Minutes: 12:30-13:00MPH: 5.0Incline: 4
Minutes: 13:00-13:30MPH: 5.0Incline: 6
Minutes: 13:30-14:00MPH: 5.0Incline: 7
Minutes: 14:00-16:00MPH: 3.5Incline: 1
Minutes: 16:00-17:00MPH: 6.0Incline: 1
Minutes: 17:00-20:00MPH: 3.0Incline: 1

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