How to get ripped?

How To Become Muscular?
April 2, 2019

For someone who has a lot of extra fat on his body, or is thin to an unhealthy level, getting ripped may be a dream. You might have always seen movie actors having a totally lean physique, and might have wondered if you could ever achieve that hot physique that most women die for.

Is it even possible without steroids?

Yes it absolutely is!

A ripped physique basically means having a lot of muscle on your body, while maintaining a very low fat level of somewhere around 15% (or even lesser). This makes the muscle fibres show up and gives you the amazing appearance you have always dreamt of.

In order to achieve this, there is only one basic mantra and everything else revolves around this. The mantra is –

“Eat healthy, Eat a LOT and Be consistent with your workouts”

To get ripped, you must have a calorie surplus in your bloodstream, and the trick is to minimise the calories from carbs and fat, and increase calories from protein. This means that if you are taking 2500 calories, most of it (around 1700-1800) should come from food that are rich in protein like fish, eggs, meat and legumes.

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