Upper/Lower Workout Program for Women

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November 27, 2018
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November 28, 2018

Ladies can really profit by the expanded preparing recurrence that upper/bring down exercise programs give.

A ton of this has to do with the way that ladies must, frequently, utilize lighter weight than men when preparing, and can recoup significantly faster than men can from their workouts1.

While full body exercises will in general be more gainful for ladies, upper/bring down projects have their place in ladies’ particular programming too.

For those ladies who are solid and can set up huge measures of weight, it can enable them more opportunity to recoup from their exercises. In this way, consider it a further developed way to deal with ladies’ particular weight preparing.

It can likewise be useful for halfway propelled ladies hoping to break the dreariness of full body exercises by performing instructional meetings with marginally higher volume to focus on their muscle gatherings.

Whatever your purposes behind needing to play out an upper/bring down split, the one recorded beneath is a superb alternative to base your exercise layout around.

10 Week Upper/Lower Workout Routine for Women Overview

Beneath you will locate a week by week breakdown of the activities you’ll perform for the following 10 weeks.

The program will comprise of 4 weight preparing days. Two days seven days will be abdominal area preparing days concentrated on building the muscles of the abdominal area. Two days seven days will be bring down body preparing days concentrated on building the muscles of the lower body.

Each preparation day will incorporate some variety of glute preparing the same number of ladies have a troublesome time initiating their glutes (and need to assemble a superior butt which includes visit gluteal enactment).

Keep rest periods moderately short, resting 2-3 minutes on quality based lifts and rep extents and 30-45 seconds on extra based lifts and rep ranges.

Weight movement will be very individualized. Your objective, be that as it may, ought to be to build the aggregate sum of weight moved in each instructional meeting every week. This weight increment doesn’t need to be much, even 1lb week by week increments after some time will include the more you play out a weight preparing program.


Monday: Upper (Strength Focused)

1. Dumbbell Bench Press46
2. Dumbbell Row46
3. Standing Overhead Press46
4. Chin Up46
5. Plank420 Secs
6. Hyperextensions (glute focused)312-15

Tuesday: Lower (Strength Focused)

1. Barbell Squat46
2. Deadlift46
3. Reverse Lunges46
4. Leg Press46
5. Barbell Hip Thrust46

Thursday: Upper (Hypertrophy Focused)

1. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press312
2. Seated Cable Row312
3. Seated Dumbbell Press312
4. Lat Pull Down312
5. Dumbbell Bicep Curl212
6. Tricep Extensions212
7. Single Leg Bodyweight Glute Bridge312-15 Each

Friday: Lower (Hypertrophy Focused)

1. Goblet Squat312
2. Romanian Deadlift312
3. Bulgarian Split Squat312 Each
4. Hack Squat312
5. Barbell Glute Bridge312

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